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Elissa Ammon:

I’m 18 years old, and Linda was the midwife at my home birth. It was an empowering experience that I will never forget. I know God brought her into my life to fulfill this special purpose of delivering my baby girl. Being young and single, she was the support I needed in this emotion-packed time of my life. I was originally seeing a doctor with no intentions for a home birth. While interviewing her as a doula, she said she was also a midwife and does water births. Having taken a strong interest in the new idea of a water birth and having my mom as an inspiration for homebirth (she had all five kids at home) I hired her on the spot as my midwife. I quit going to my doctor’s appointments, while Linda came to my home for every appointment. It was comfortable and convenient. She became my friend and a comfort to me my whole pregnancy. I had interviewed her as a Doula because I had seen a show where a pregnant woman and her Doula went to candle shops to pick out scents for the birth, and went to health food grocers and made smoothies together and I told my mom, “ I want a doula who is my buddy to do fun things with like that!” God brought me JUST THAT. Linda came around halfway through my pregnancy and became my best bud. We played with essential oils together, we painted my big belly together, and we chatted and talked about our lives together, showing pictures of our families, etc… I love Linda to death; she is a genuinely caring and kind person. God manifested His love through her to me in a time of frustration and fatigue. I felt safe and cared well for with Linda. The thing I admire most about her is that she LOVES her job. She came to every visit with a big smile, and an encouraging attitude. She was such a joy! A best friend like her was exactly what I needed and wanted from a midwife. During my actual labor she was there the whole time, walking up and down the hallway with me and supporting me while I squatted with every contraction. It was hard work, however I can honestly say it was the best experience of my life thus far, and the most beautiful. I still look back at the photos taken at the scene of my birth with happy nostalgia remembering that day. I am so grateful to have had Linda make it the best experience I ever imagined. A lot of people told me that labor is excruciatingly painful, and doing it at home is crazy, but they were so far from the truth. I would not have it any other way. I want Linda to be the midwife for all my babies! I would recommend her to anyone interested in a home birth. She seeks to give the most natural care that’s best and healthiest for mom and baby. That’s my experience.

Addie Bear


Laura Young:

“Linda helped deliver my last baby. She was amazing every step of the way. She has a very gentle and loving approach to mother care, childbirth and after care. It did not matter the nature of my question, she was compassionate and attentive and quick to answer or find the answer/help for me. At her fingertips, she has a great lending library relating to all things pregnancy, birth and newborn care. She even has soothing CD’s to borrow to help ease a tired mama, or a mama in labor! She is also very knowledgeable in holistic approaches, including herbs, vitamins, essential oils, and various position techniques (both for prenatal relief and labor ease). She is well connected with a number of local alternative medical providers – chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and other midwives. The baby I delivered with her was the fastest and best labor yet – and this was number 5! I would recommend her to anyone, and would definitely use her in the future if there is a baby #6.”

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Gigi Eide  214-263-6766                                                                                            After a nightmare experience with my first child I was determined to have my next child with a mid-wife. My husband and family were not too happy with this decision given that my first delivery was via cesarean, but with the help of caring and educated mid-wives I was on my to a birth done my way. Linda was half of the amazing duo that cared for me during my pregnancy and in assisting in the delivery of my beautiful baby girl. If I had any questions she was sure to answer them and if she didn’t have an answer right then and there she would find it and call me right way. She was very informative with everything and anything and not pushy and persuasive like many doctors. She always made it clear to me this was my birth and I could have it any way I wanted, and I did. What I liked best is she really got to know me as a client and understood that I don’t take any drugs and I rely on natural remedies and herbs to cure all ailments. If I had a problem she would give me a lot of natural alternatives which helped eliminate the need for me having to see a ob, who would more often than not persuade me to have a hospital birth via cesarean. What made Linda so great was her passion for giving moms the birth experience they want. Being a mid-wife is far from convenient, managed healthcare! This woman sacrificed time, a lot of it, just for me, just so that I could have the birth experience I always wanted. The birth experience I was robbed of the first time around! She stood by my side, she coached me, she massaged me, she put hot packs on me, she even prayed with me through it all. Never did she have to leave and punch out at a time clock because her shift was over. How many doctors do that? Most women don’t even have their doctor deliver their baby, let alone labor with them the whole way through. I am blessed beyond measure to have had her as part of the Amazing Duo who helped delivered my beautiful little girl into the world the way our good Lord intended.

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Client Testimonials

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