The Right Care After Birth, Postpartum Period.

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Postpartum Care handles everything after the birth of your baby. We do check ups by appointment to make sure that your new bundle of joy is healthy and all vitals are accounted for. At this point, your concern is bonding with your new family addition, so leave it to us to make sure that your child is doing just fine. 

Our procedure includes continual follow ups with lab work and making sure momma and baby are both okay. After birth, the woman’s body goes through changes to get back to the way it was, so some unexpected side effects postpartum may occur such as vaginal soreness, discharge, irregular bowel movements, urinary complications or fatigue. We check to make sure those symptoms are under control if they occur. 

Not only does your body go through changes after birth, but emotional changes may occur as well. We are there for your overall health to ensure a successful delivery and a happy motherhood. 

Postpartum Care