Ariel Dabritz:

As a first time mom not knowing what to expect when going into labor Linda made me feel like a rockstar, she made me feel so comfortable and that I was in complete control. She took really good care of me my entire pregnancy and even after if I had any trouble at all she came right over to my aid. I could not have asked for a better midwife, she will deliver all my future children! I could not have asked for a better more caring person than she is (: love ya Linda


Tina Toupin:

She is AWESOME! I really did not know what to expect when I chose to have a midwife for my fourth child, I was just looking for a way not to have a c-section but what I got was a way to be empowered and be a part of my birthing experience and something that I had always wanted to do, a “water birth”. If I could I would go back in time to have my three other children by midwife but sadly I can’t. I will be having any other children through a midwife. I felt so comfortable with Linda!! I just love her to pieces!! I can’t say enough about her, she took what every woman feels “nervous” and a bit “scared” and turned it into empowerment! I loved having her as my midwife, she is really awesome!


Dr. Robyn Abramczyk:

My first two births were in a hospital with epidurals. My experience with Linda was far beyond words can describe. I was able to deliver my son at home without intervention and it was the most empowering, spiritual experience. Her clinical skills and bedside manner impart an incredible peace and confidence that is imperative during such precious and vulnerable moments.                                    


Jamie Wero:

Linda (and Stephanie) went above and beyond to help me accomplish what I didn’t think was possible. My body is prone to prodromal labor which has led to unnecessary cesarean and mistrust of my body. These ladies helped me get through the fear and distrust that I carried right up into labor and they helped me push past it to a happy and healthy vbac.

Even though I carried a certain level of uncertainty throughout my labor these women brought a light hearteredness, comforting feel to my home that I couldn’t get from a doctor in a hospital. Through their knowledge, experience, herbs, oils and tools they helped me relax and got me through every step of my birth. When it came down to business Linda didn’t lose hope in me even though I was starting to get tired and lose hope in myself. She firmly coached me and encouraged me through the pushing stage and helped guide my 13lb little man into this world.

She has always made herself available no matter how trivial my question or situation.

My six year old says when I’m done having babies then Miss Linda can help deliver hers when she gets married. There really is no better recommendation than that, lol.   


Brittany Joiner:

Too bad I can’t give more than 5 stars because she deserves at least 10! I was coming into this last pregnancy having had a c-section several years ago and a successful hospital vbac but I knew this time around that I needed something different. After going through a CRAZY experience switching providers both by choice and by no choice in my last trimester, Linda and Stephanie were there to pick up the pieces of the nervous wreck I was due to my unique situation. I had a lot of prodormal labor and a huge mistrust in my body that they helped me to get past. With Linda guiding me, I was able to eat a more balanced diet and instead of gaining 70lb like I had in my previous pregnancies, I only gained 40lb.

Throughout the end of the pregnancy I was much healthier than when I was at the beginning.

If I ever have any more children, I will most definitely hire Linda and Stephanie again for my next homebirth. I can’t recommend them highly enough.                


Marissa Clay:

I absolutely LOVED having Linda as my midwife. She was very knowledgable and experienced. She gave me the home birth I wanted and worked with me through my complications and made sure everything went as naturally as possible just like I asked. I’m thrilled with my experience and look forward to hiring her in the future. :)                                                                     


Laura Trussell:

Linda is awesome!!! Linda was the assistant for my first two babies and when we found out we were having baby #3 I knew I wanted her to deliver this one! She was absolutely wonderful throughout the entire pregnancy. She was available to answer any and all questions I had at anytime. Linda is very knowledgeable and knows what she is doing. She takes care of her mommies and babies as if they are her own family. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to have a natural birth! She is not just my midwife anymore, she is also a friend! Thank you Linda for being such an awesome midwife! :) 


Kathryn Magee:

Linda was the best decision we made. She made labor and delivery a wonderful experience. My goal was to be completely natural without intervention or drugs and she was my supporter the entire time! she knew exactly what to do to get me through painful contractions and the pushing process. I can’t thank her enough for our beautiful birth story. I give her 99% of the credit for my WONDERFUL birth story. GOD bless you Linda. You truly have a gift.    

Brittny Torres:

Linda is a very sweet person and wonderful midwife. She went way beyond what my ob did in the beginning. Instead of waiting in an office for a long time then seeing the ob for a few minutes, I waited for a few minutes or less to see Linda and she spent as much time as I needed. She absolutely went above and beyond my expectations. When my labor wasn’t progressing she knew to send me to the chiropractor. She also came to me when I was having painful contractions to help me relax with an herbal mix.

She didn’t make labor less painful, but she made me feel more capable of pushing through after having so little sleep the few days before. Definitely plan to use her again if I am able to! :)

Wonderful Midwife!!!      


Delanie Rabon:

To everyone thinking of choosing a midwife; PICK LINDA! She is by far the most amazing, sweetest person I know! She’s not just a midwife, she takes you in as one of her own! She goes out of her way to make sure everything is going perfect during your pregnancy and labor! I love love love my Linda! she will definitely be my midwife again! (If I have any more children of course!!!) 


Amanda Mason:

Caring and compassionate. Wise and empowering. She goes above and beyond for her clients and I’m proud to call her my midwife and my friend.    

Heather Rodriguez:

If I could give Linda 20 stars I would! She has a true passion for women and birth. She believed in me when no one else would and helped me achieve a completely intervention free HBA3C. She is an amazing and caring midwife and has become a true friend as well. I highly recommend her.        

 Esther Keys:

Amazing experience!!! She was awesome!!! Hope to use her again.           

Shelly Hinkle:

This was my 3rd pregnancy, and I was tired of the hospital norm, I wanted something relaxed and focused on me, my family and the baby and Linda was the perfect match. She was very helpful, caring and loving. I do recommend her as a midwife, and I will be using her again. :)  

 Melissa Porter:

Linda was my midwife for my second child and she is absolutely amazing! She provided excellent prenatal care and went above and beyond the call of duty when it came time to deliver. Linda loves what she does. Midwifery is not just a job to her and this is apparent in how she takes care of her clients. I highly recommend her!               

Katie Lattus:

Linda is the best! She is thorough and she genuinely cares about her clients. She knows all the tricks of the trade and no matter what concern may arise during your pregnancy she always has a wonderful recommendation or solution to help you through it. Although my delivery turned out to be in the hospital, Linda was with me every step of the way from beginning to end. All 23 hours of labor! I couldn’t have had the incredible birth that I had without her. I will forever be grateful for Linda being in my life at this special time. She is truly a blessing!